Equine Care

Equine Care

Comprehensive care, from routine exams to 24/7 foaling monitoring, ensuring well-being for your horse.

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About Equine Care

Equine Care at our veterinary hospital is a comprehensive service catering to the diverse needs of horses. From routine exams and vaccinations to specialized areas like equine reproduction and surgery, our equine vet ensures the well-being of your horses. The service extends to on-site, around-the-clock monitoring for foaling, providing peace of mind to owners and exceptional care to high-risk mares.


What's Included?

Exams & Wellness Care:

  • Routine health examinations for horses.
  • Comprehensive wellness care to assess and maintain overall health.


  • Administering essential vaccines to prevent common equine diseases.

Equine Reproduction:

  • Specialized services for managing equine reproduction, including artificial insemination and pregnancy monitoring.

Mobile Equine Unit:

  • A mobile unit for convenient on-site veterinary services for horses.

Minor/Routine Equine Surgery:

  • Surgical procedures for minor and routine issues, ensuring prompt and effective treatment.


  • On-site, around-the-clock monitoring for mares during foaling season.
  • All mares kept under camera surveillance.
  • Trained staff present overnight for foal birth.
  • Service available for both high-risk mares and owners seeking peace of mind.

Why is routine wellness care important for horses?

Routine wellness care is crucial for early detection of health issues and maintaining the overall well-being of horses.

What vaccinations are typically administered to horses?

Essential vaccines protect horses from diseases like equine influenza, tetanus, and West Nile virus.

How does equine reproduction services benefit horse owners?

Equine reproduction services include artificial insemination and pregnancy monitoring, assisting breeders in managing and optimizing their horse breeding programs.

What is the purpose of a Mobile Equine Unit?

The mobile unit provides convenient on-site veterinary services for horses, eliminating the need for transport.

When is minor/routine equine surgery necessary?

Minor or routine equine surgery is conducted to address issues that can be effectively treated with surgical intervention, ensuring the health and longevity of the horse.

What does foaling service entail?

The foaling service includes on-site, 24/7 monitoring for mares during foaling season, offering peace of mind to owners and specialized care for high-risk mares.